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 In 1989, Mr. A.M. Samsuali the Chairman and Founding father of this company " The Chennai Mobiles " started his profession as an employee in a very little Shopping Store in his neighborhood.  Our Chair Mr. Samsuali has been granted as "The Best Younger Entrepreneur" by Rathinam Groups in Coimbatore, and he has been identified almost by all as one of the Major Innovator in Cellular Retail store Market.  

The Chennai Mobiles, is a multi-brand mobile chain retailer in Tamil Nadu with a network of 100+ stores state-wide and offerings to more than 6000 +mobiles and technological lifestyle products. THE CHENNAI MOBILES also operates an online store, offering online shopping, free delivery and pay and collect services.

With our expertise in the mobile industry, we have various distributors from different brands to provide our customers with the latest handphones, tablets, and accessories. Our mobile, tablet, accessories prices are always updated and we always ensure that our prices are reasonable and value for money.

Now The Chennai Mobiles are here as a Tale with all the assistance of our Dearest Clients guaranteeing, to provide Client a different Purchasing Experience, Yup that our Logo caption Too its  "Discover The Difference".

The Chennai Mobiles aim at setting new standards in innovative world-class mobile retail and has set its views on rising as India's largest retail chain for mobile phones and accessories.